At Puckish Propensities Press, also known as P3 , we know how boring and utterly annoying mass-produced greeting cards are. They never say what you want without so much cheese or sappiness that you’d really much rather gag than spend your hard-earned money on it. You want, no, need something else, something clever, witty, whimsical—just like you. That’s where we come in.

At P3, we want to help you take embrace your quirky side, the one that itches to burst out of your skin, but you kind of have to keep it hidden because of the corporate world you’ve found yourself stuck in. Don’t let that stop you anymore! Take a step back and rediscover yourself and tell the whole darn world about it. Here, you’ll find a variety of ways to express yourself for those occasions when words fail you, but you know you want to say something that’ll tickle the other person pink.

Puckish Propensities Press will be opening shortly, bringing you handcrafted greeting cards, journals, and other paper products. We’re doodlers with a penchant for wit and a fondness for literature, writing, and tradition. Join us in spreading smiles one thoughtful note at a time!

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