At Puckish Propensities Press, also known as P3 , we know how much more hectic your lives are in the digital age. It has separated us emotionally while simultaneously making it easier to connect with others. What do you do when everyone seems so close, yet so so far away? That’s where we come in.

At P3, we want to help you take a step back from your busy lives and rediscover the tradition of handwritten letters and journals. Maybe even send a card to show someone a little extra love. Here, you’ll find a variety of ways to express yourself for those occasions when words fail you, but you know you want to say something.

Puckish Propensities Press will be opening shortly, bringing you handcrafted greeting cards, journals, and other paper products. We’re doodlers with a penchant for wit and a fondness for literature, writing, and tradition. Join us in spreading smiles one thoughtful note at a time!

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